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All 10 Marvel Disney+ TV Shows, Ranked

With She-Hulk and Werewolf by Night.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law ended yesterday (finally), meaning we now have ten Disney+ MCU original stories. These shows have been one of the most frustrating parts of Phase Four, because they seem so close to greatness and most of them fall apart in the final episode or two. A lot of them are extremely, extremely divisive. So, with that said, here's my ranking of all ten Disney+ TV shows from the worst to the best.

10. She-Hulk: Attorney at Law

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law was abysmal. Everything about this show was terrible. Stemming from terrible writing, this show was just a disaster waiting to happen. A legal sitcom has no place in the MCU, especially when the court cases are just dumb and the comedy isn't funny. Beyond that, insufferable characters and horrific CGI made this the worst thing the MCU has ever created.

9. Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel wasn't necessarily bad...but it wasn't really good either. Iman Vellani was magnetic as Kamala Khan, but the story that she was given didn't do her performance or her character justice. It started off as a charming superhero coming-of-age story that was a lighter tone for the MCU, but it slowly evolved into this globe-trotting adventure about family legacy that didn't really come together all that well. I don't dislike it, but I don't really like it either. It's the definition of mediocre.

8. I Am Groot

I guarantee most people haven't watched I Am Groot, which is valid, because this series of shorts went pretty under the radar. And that's really why this is so low. It's a series of shorts. The whole thing together is only about twenty-five minutes, so it feels insignificant and unforgettable. I included this in my ranking of Marvel Disney+, but it's so insignificant that I wouldn't include it on my main MCU ranking. They're charming. They're fun, high-budget YouTube videos on Disney+. There are some hilarious cameos. But I can't put this higher when it's just a series of shorts.

7. What If...?

What If...? was so close to greatness, but, like almost every single show on this list, it fumbled at the goal line. The first seven episodes were hit or miss, with some fantastic episodes and some pretty bad episodes. Episode eight built up a super cool climax...that fell into pieces in the finale. Instead of satisfying the story, the finale of What If...? felt like one headache of an action sequence that resolved the season in an unsatisfying way. I like this show, but it could've been great had it landed the final episode.

6. Moon Knight

Moon Knight has probably the best pilot episode of any of the Disney+ shows, and that's exactly the problem. What started off as a cool psychological thriller/horror show inside of the MCU quickly evolved into a big, CGI Marvel adventure that ended with a Kaiju showdown. Oscar Isaac was fantastic. The character of Moon Knight himself was super cool. But the show failed to live up to the premise that was set up by the first episode, which makes the whole thing feel like a letdown.

5. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier garners a lot of hate, and while some of it is merited, I think most of it is unfair. While it isn't great by any means, this show feels like a solid spin-off of the Captain America franchise. It nailed the social commentary as well as Sam Wilson's character arc. It had some of the best action of the Disney+ shows. An underwhelming finale holds it back from being higher, but I actually like this show.

4. Werewolf by Night

I really liked Werewolf by Night. Michael Giacchino's homage to classic Universal horror movies nails the aesthetic of the 30s and 40s while providing some fantastic action with a shocking amount of violence. It should've been longer, but this certain felt like a breath of fresh air after almost every single 2022 Marvel project was disappointing. I hope Marvel does more of these TV specials, because Werewolf by Night was really cool.

3. WandaVision

Another one that was so close to being one of the best things Marvel has ever done, WandaVision built up an incredibly intriguing mystery centered around its titular characters. It explores the tragedy that is Wanda Maximoff all while creating a freakin' sitcom inside of the MCU. It blends so many genres together so well...until the goddamn finale, which just becomes an MCU CG-fest. The last section of WandaVision was a major letdown, but I still loved the beginning of this show, so it deserves this spot.

2. Hawkeye

Hawkeye feels like the only MCU TV show that actually fits into the template of a TV show. There's a simple buddy cop story here with Hawkeye and Kate Bishop. Their dynamic is one of the best parts of the show, but the street-level action and stakes also made this story feel like it belonged on TV. The same cannot be said for any of the other shows. While I wish the finale was better (recurring theme), I really, really dug Hawkeye and cannot wait to see Kate Bishop in the future MCU.

1. Loki

Loki is the only show I can say that actually nailed the finale. This show has one, maybe two action sequences in it...and it's the best Marvel thing on Disney+. It also feels like one of the only things in Phase Four of the MCU that actually advanced towards Secret Wars. This show was so unpredictable and shocking week to week, all leading to the earth-shattering consequences in the finale as we are introduced to a variant of Kang the Conqueror and the multiverse is created. I loved this show and I'm salivating for the second season.


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