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All 7 Segments of The Three Caballeros, Ranked

This was the worst.

Well, spoilers if you haven't read my review, but I hated The Three Caballeros. I thought it was creepy and boring and nonsensical. It felt like if Disney tried to make something as cool as Fantasia but utterly failed. And I mean utterly failed. This movie is so strange. I sometimes have trouble believing some of the things that I saw in this movie. Anyways, here's a ranking of the segments.

7. Donald's Surreal Reverie

Yeah. That image is disturbing, isn't it? Donald Duck is riding a creepy horse with the legs of two live-action women. I mean, what the hell am I looking at? These are the types of nightmarish images available in this segment of the film. This is a whole ten minutes of the film. It feels like an acid trip. It's insane. And I didn't enjoy it. At all.

6. Mexico

The Mexico segment is weird. Donald Duck gets a tour of Mexico from Panchito Pistoles and then chases around a bunch of Mexican women on a beach and tries to get a kiss from them. It's very uncomfortable. And it looks really weird, because Disney did not know how to blend live-action and animation. God, I hated this movie.

5. You Belong to My Heart

Right before Donald begins to trip on acid, he has a segment where he watches a Mexican singer sings to him in the stars. In concept, this idea is not that bad. In execution, it's boring and weird, because Donald still really wants a kiss, so he tries to kiss this woman who is floating in the stars. I have nothing to say about these segments. They just suck.

4. The Flying Gauchit

The bottom three segments are completely unwatchable. This one isn't completely unwatchable. It's more slightly unwatchable. This segment has a little bit more of a story as we follow this young kid as he tries to win a race on a small flying donkey, but that sounds more interesting than the segment actually is. The weirdest thing about it is the narration. It's narrated by a guy who is clearly American but is just putting on a Spanish accent. And that makes it incredibly distracting. This segment is also ridiculously boring. Nothing happens here. It's just a bad story with some good animation and a freakishly weird narration.

3. Las Posadas

I give this segment props: it's short. That's what makes it this high. The artwork is also kind of cool, because it isn't even really animated. However, it's still really boring. It's also weirdly religious, and Disney almost never gets religious. It's just not memorable or enjoyable. I feel like I want to have more to say about it, but I don't, because I barely remember it.

2. The Cold-Blooded Penguin

I would call this the most memorable segment of The Three Caballeros. It's not good. It's barely watchable. But it is definitely memorable, because it has the most story out of any of them. This follows an interesting idea (and a very Disney idea at that) of a penguin who hates living in the cold. However, it suffers from having a narrator and being incredibly boring. It just flails when it comes to the execution. It's watchable. I don't hate it as much as the others. But it's still bad.

1. Baía

I don't necessarily know if I think this segment is good. But it isn't bad. It is by far the most watchable segment of this film. It's beautifully animated. As I said in my review, José Carioca is an enjoyable character. The lullaby he sings here is okay. I don't mind this segment. It stands out amongst the other ones because it is decent. It is, however, still boring. It's the least boring because the imagery on screen is great, but there's still not much going on. I didn't like this movie, so sorry that my number one was disappointing, but The Three Caballeros just sucks.


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