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All 8 X-Men Movies That I Have Seen, Ranked

I updated this ranking to include Deadpool. I still have not seen Deadpool 2, Dark Phoenix, X-Men Origins: Wolverine and The Wolverine.

7. X2: X-Men United

Some people consider X2 to be the best X-Men movie. I can see where people might think that, but I did not like this film at all. I thought that there were great scenes. I loved the Nightcrawler sequence in the White House and thought that the invasion of the X-Mansion was good. But this film just collapses in the third act. It drags on forever. You think the film is over when there are actually thirty minutes left. And that just bothered me. That's why it is my least favorite X-Men movie.

6. X-Men

I don't mind the first X-Men, but I think it is very mediocre. Yes, it was very important for the comic-book genre, but I'm not nostalgic for this film like a lot of adults are. I found this film relentlessly cheesy and overly cringe-inducing. When Wolverine first meets Professor X, he introduces the other superheroes by their superhero names. I don't like Rogue or Anna Paquin. I do like the Magneto-Professor X relationship and I love Hugh Jackman's Wolverine. But I don't think that this movie has aged particularly well, and I don't plan on rewatching it anytime soon.

5. X-Men: The Last Stand

I find The Last Stand to be the most watchable and most emotional of the original X-Men movies. I think that the mutant cure is a really interesting concept that is sidelined for a lot of other plot lines. On top of that, the finale tries to tackle the Dark Phoenix saga, which is one of the most iconic X-Men comic runs ever. This is the most entertaining of the original X-Men, but it really is not that good. Its overstuffed, Jean's return makes no sense, and they just ignore the death of Cyclops in the beginning. I don't like any of the original X-Men, but I guess you could say this is the one I disliked the least.

4. X-Men: Apocalypse

Another insanely mediocre film, I also don't mind Apocalypse. I think that there are some very cool action sequences and I like Magneto's family in this movie. Apocalypse himself is up there with Steppenwolf as one of the most generic comic book movie villains ever. That's what most of this movie is. Cliches and generic things. But I like parts of it. I think that that Wolverine scene is very fun. The Quicksilver scene is great. I also like the Professor X-Magneto thing. It reminded me of the original X-Men, which I found cool.

3. X-Men: Days of Future Past

Days of Future Past was a cool concept. I liked the combination of the original X-Men trilogy with the prequel trilogy. It was fun to see different versions of all of our X-Men. This is also the most intense X-Men film. There are some high stakes and a very cool story in here. I find Days of Future Past fun, but I do think it is a little bit too long. Also, for some reason, old Professor X, who dies in The Last Stand, is alive in this movie. This movie officially ruins the X-Men continuity completely, and that holds it back a lot for me.

2. Logan

On a quality scale, Logan is likely the best in the X-Men franchise. It's a small-scale road trip film with brutal Wolverine violence thrown into the mix as well as a very depressed Logan inside of the movie. The film is very depressing and has a ton of emotion, as well as layered, complex themes about life and death. Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart are at their best in this movie. I have a few minor complaints about the film. I don't think that the villains are particularly great and the movie is so dark and upsetting that it might suffer on rewatchability. Otherwise, a fantastic way to end the X-Men and Wolverine saga.

2. Deadpool

Deadpool was probably the funniest superhero movie I have ever seen. Ryan Reynolds was perfectly cast as the merc with a mouth, and most of the meta humor totally landed for me. On a story level, I think it suffers from telling the narrative in a non-linear form. The structure becomes a problem, and it can make the story feel very uneven. However, entertainment-wise, this is one of the most fun and funny superhero films I've seen.

1. X-Men: First Class

Easily my favorite of the X-Men movies, First Class is just a delightful film that shows the origins of the X-Men. James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender are incredible as young versions of Professor X and Magneto. I love their chemistry and relationship. Prequel movies can be great when executed well. It's so cool to see everything fall into place. You see how Magneto turns evil and gets his helmet. Professor X's paralyzation is such a great moment. I love everything about this movie and think it's the best in the a good amount.


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