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All Four Segments of Saludos Amigos, Ranked

Welcome, friends! (Ugh)

I watched Saludos Amigos. And I reviewed it. And I am now ranking the four segments of this shit film. Or, excuse me, short film. As you can tell, I'm not very excited about this ranking, because I didn't enjoy Saludos Amigos and would like to quickly fly through this section of the Disney Rewatch. So here you go.

4. Lake Titicaca

The film opens with an incredibly boring narration over stock footage of South America. We eventually switch to animation where we see Donald Duck fishing on Lake Titicaca. A few stereotypical South American animated people later, we are suddenly watching Donald on camelback on a bridge. It's so boring. It's so forgettable.

3. El Gaucho Goofy

Holy forgettable. Goofy walks around and acts like a cowboy. He rides a horse. Cuts some sausage. Smokes a bit. How interesting, right? Wrong. This segment honestly went through my brain when I watched it and left as soon as it was over. No matter how hard I try, I cannot remember more than a few seconds of this segment. Insanely, insanely forgettable.

2. Aquarela do Brasil

This segment was kind of cool. I didn't like it, but it at least had a part that I liked. The parrot introduced here is a fun looking character. The animation is gorgeous and unlike anything Disney has ever done. I didn't really mind this part of the film. I really liked the animation, which just upped everything. The music was forgettable. I don't think this short needed to have Donald in it. It was fine. If I wasn't mentally drained from the other three shorts (because this is the final segment of the film), I might've even enjoyed it.

1. Pedro

The short about a cute little plane is the only one with any kind of story whatsoever. It's very strange. There's no dialogue, but the narrator just observes and says what's happening on screen as though the audience cannot see it. It almost felt like sports commentary the way that they did it. But I thought it was okay. Pedro himself is a charming little character that felt like Dumbo as a plane. It has a story, which automatically makes it better than the other three story-less segments. This is the closest I came to enjoying a segment of this movie, so that's why it comes in at number one.


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