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Introducing: Franchise Rewinds

New series everyone! So, if you have been following the blog over the past few months, I've been (slowly) rewatching the Disney movies. I introduced a series called "The Disney Rewatch" and I'm planning on watching through every single Disney animation movie ever and covering them extensively. And I have now decided to expand on that idea.

So, instead of just "The Disney Rewatch", I'm doing Franchise Rewinds. This series is going to be me binging through a beloved franchise. I'm going to rank and review each of the films while also doing other rankings and posts while covering the franchises, and all of my takes will be updated, because I am actually going to be watching these movies.

So first up on Franchise Rewinds is Harry Potter. If you don't know, Harry Potter is one of my absolute favorite franchises, and I've been itching to rewatch it, so I decided I'd also cover it on the blog while rewatching it. I will announce anytime I'm about to start a new Franchise Rewind, but I'm planning on doing the Wizarding World (no Fantastic Beasts though) and probably doing Star Wars next.

This is a lot, so there's no set schedule here. I'll review the movies when I get to them. And the Disney Rewatch is still going on, so I'm just going to be doing both at the same time.

Hope you guys enjoy!

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