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Trailer Reaction: Marvel's Black Widow, Trailer 3

To my surprise, a new trailer for Black Widow just dropped. They just delayed it a couple days ago, so I guess they were being nice to the fans. With everything being released, like WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Black Widow has kind of been thrown into the back. So a new trailer should rouse everyone's excitement. Here are my thoughts.

My Thoughts

I haven't watched any of the Black Widow trailers in a while, but I do think that this was the best one. There were some very interesting things.

First off, it starts with flashbacks to the Avengers movies and her death in Endgame, implying that this will somehow tie in to that. That was something that, for some reason, I didn't expect. If the film touches on that, that raises my excitement a lot.

It also seems like we'll be getting more backstory for Natasha. Her past is very mysterious and only received about 30 seconds of attention in Age of Ultron. And the film looks really exciting. The action looks great. I've always thought Taskmaster was a cool villain. The cast is great. And a spy-action film inside of the MCU is just bound to be great.

I'm super pumped for this movie.

Black Widow is in theaters and Disney+ with premier access on July 9, 2021.

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