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Trailer Reaction: Pixar's Luca

Just about an hour ago, Pixar released the first look at their next film, Luca. It's set to release in summer of 2021. I thought that I'd start doing trailer reactions. These posts will be short and sweet, with me stating my thoughts on the trailer and my thoughts on the movie as a whole. Let's dive in.

My Thoughts

I didn't really know much about Luca before this. Pixar had say that it's about the adventures of a boy and his best friend, which is a pretty vague sentence plot. The trailer definitely gave us more of a look at what this film is going to be.

The first thing I noticed is the animation looks very different. The character features are more round and bloated than they are in previous Pixar films. It definitely did not look like a Pixar film, but the animation looked beautiful either way.

I did not have a full grasp of what was going on. I can't tell if Luca and his friend are secretly, like, mermaids, or they become some kind of fish by falling into the water. That'd be a fun concept. I don't know how interesting it'd be, though. This looks like it's leaning toward more of a Soul and Coco vibe than a Toy Story or Finding Nemo vibe. I love Coco, but I didn't like Soul, so I'm wondering what this movie will be more like.

As for my anticipation of the film...I don't know. There are films that I'm more interested in. Last week, Disney released the first trailer for Cruella. That's the Cruella De Vil origin story starring Emma Stone. It looked terrible, but I'm anticipating that more than I'm anticipating this. There isn't any draw. They haven't announced a cast yet. Pixar hasn't really tackled a coming-of-age story, so I just don't know. I'm sure it'll be good, but there's nothing to convince me of that yet.

Pixar's Luca will be released on June 18, 2021.


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