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Trailer Reaction: Warner Bros. Space Jam: A New Legacy, Trailer 1

The first trailer for Space Jam: A New Legacy is here and we got a lot to unpack. If you don't know, this is the sequel to Space Jam, one of the weirdest movies of all time. Space Jam is about Michael Jordan getting sucked into a world with the Looney Tunes and having to play a game of basketball on the Tune Squad to escape. Now, LeBron James is getting to play on the Tune Squad. Here's my reaction.

My Thoughts

The trailer looked fun. This movie is going to be all kinds of wacky. Before this trailer was released, LeBron had had an interview where he said that this film was going to explore the Warner Bros. filmography. There have been rumors floating around that everyone from Batman to Pennywise is in this movie, and we saw a couple of iconic characters make appearances in that trailer. LeBron moved through Oz, the Iron Giant appeared, and King Kong came in to wreck some stuff.

Now, will this movie be quality cinema? Absolutely not. LeBron looks like he's a terrible actor and the concept is so ludicrous. But it will be fun to take a trip throughout Warner Bros. history and see LeBron James team up with the Looney Tunes for the second game of basketball that they've played.

Space Jam: A New Legacy hits theaters on July 16, 2021.

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