Trailer Reaction: Warner Bros.' The Suicide Squad

They're dying to save the world.

A few hours back, the first trailer for James Gunn's The Suicide Squad (which, yes, is a sequel to the first Suicide Squad) dropped. This movie has a great cast of new actors and characters, and it's helmed by the man who did both Guardians of the Galaxy movies. He is the perfect pick for this film, and I am interested to see what happens. That said, here's my reaction.

My Thoughts

To be clear: I do not think this movie is a good idea.

The first Suicide Squad sucks. It is a terrible, terrible movie that is only survived by Margot Robbie's energetic Harley Quinn, who is always a super fun screen presence. She looked just as great in this trailer, and I am excited to see that aspect of the film.

The trailer, while good, did not swing me on my skepticism of this movie. I really think that they should do one of two things with the DC Extended Universe: Reboot it or continue with Zack Snyder's vision and consider his Justice League continuity. These Suicide Squad and Harley Quinn movies don't connect to anything, and, even though I liked Birds of Prey, I don't get the point of it.

Also, the CGI in this film looks almost offensive. King Shark (the shark) looked like a character plucked straight out of Toy Story. I don't know what is going on, but that is just so strange. I still think that, since James Gunn is directing, this film could be fun. I just can't exactly say that I'm excited for it.

The Suicide Squad is released on August 6, 2021.

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