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2022 Movies I Missed - Paramount's Jackass Forever

Some people never learn.

Jackass Forever is a 2022 reality comedy film directed by Jeff Tremaine, produced by MTV Entertainment Studios and Dickhouse Productions, and distributed by Paramount Pictures. The film stars Johnny Knoxville and Steve-O. This is the fourth film in the Jackass franchise. It was preceded by Jackass 3-D.

"I'm Johnny Knoxville. Welcome to Jackass!" - Johnny Knoxville


20 years after the beginning of Jackass, the group reunites for a compilation of utterly insane and dangerous stunts, causing everyone to laugh their asses off.

My Favorite Part of Jackass Forever

This is definitely a different kind of comedy and a different kind of movie as a whole. If you are in to raunchy, grotesque humor, you will love Jackass Forever. It has some really, really funny moments that will evoke laughter even if you don't like this nasty style of humor. The stunts are crazier than ever. The cast does some really funny things. The guest appearances are hilarious. It's a fun movie to watch with your most immature group of friends.

My Least Favorite Part of Jackass Forever

Jackass Forever is also the type of movie that you will hate if you aren't into the specific style of humor that Jackass is. There's a lot of penises and a lot of butts in this movie. There's a lot of swearing. There's a lot of squeamish and uncomfortable moments. They are all played for laughs, but if you don't like this type of humor, you will want to vomit throughout the entire runtime of this movie.

Why I Liked Jackass Forever

I watched this with my cousin, and we had a good time. It's a more inappropriate and longer version of Impractical Jokers, which is a show that I have a lot of fun with. Some of the segments aren't funny. Some of them are not entertaining and play as uncomfortable. But the ones that are funny had me laughing real hard. There's a certain segment involving night vision that is comedic gold. This movie is dumb. But it's a fun type of dumb.

Final Thoughts and Score

Jackass Forever is a fun movie if you assemble a dumb group of friends to just laugh your asses off at the stupidest type of a humor.

I will go Savory here. Age range is 18+.


Sweet (Great) Savory (Good) Sour (Bad)

Moldy (Terrible)

"Jackass Forever"

Fun Factor: 8.5/10

Quality: 6.5/10

Directed by Jeff Tremaine

Rated R for graphic nudity, language, violence, frightening images

Released on February 4, 2022

1 hour and 36 minutes

Johnny Knoxville


Chris Pontius

Dave England

Danger Ehren McGhehey

Jason "Wee Man" Acuña

Preston Lacy

Davon "Jasper" Wilson

Sean "Poopies" McInerney

Zach Holmes

Eric Manaka

Rachel Wolfson

Compston "Dark Shark" Wilson

Jeff Tremaine

Eric André

Tyler the Creator

Jalen Ramsey


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