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All 10 WandaVision Main Characters, Ranked

Exactly a week ago, WandaVision finished up. This will be my last ranking with WandaVision, and I thought it'd be a fun one. This show has some really great characters and some really, really disappointing characters. Incorporating acting, development, and character arcs, here is my list of all 10 WandaVision characters, ranked.

10. Ralph Bohner/Pietro Maximoff

He is the thing I hate the most about this show. The cameo of Evan Peters' Quicksilver was one of the most surprising and exciting moments inside of this series, and they pay it off with a boner joke. Sure, it was surprising and funny, but not good. Instead of setting up the multiverse and having the X-Men show up, Marvel cheated us with this character. Such a huge disappointment and the worst thing about WandaVision.

9. Residents of Westview

The residents of Westview were definitely more fun in the first few episodes, because it was the suspicion and mystery of who was behind it all. Dottie? Agnes? Herb? It was fun to guess, but as we kept going through the series, it became clear that these are just regular people that have been trapped by Wanda. They are fine as a supporting cast, but really not that interesting.

8. Darcy Lewis

Darcy's character was highly improved over her appearances in the first two Thor movies. She wasn't nearly as insufferable and annoying, but she also wasn't that vital to the plot. She did discover the sitcom and did stop Hayward, but otherwise, she just was kind of there. She was fine, but there are plenty of other character that are better.

7. Jimmy Woo

Jimmy is a fun character. I love Randall Park and think he's so likable and funny. I do hope we get to see more of him. People want a spin-off TV show with him, but I don't think we should go that far. He's a nice topping to this show and works as a part of Monica's little team. However, just like Darcy, he doesn't really do much for the central plot.

6. Billy and Tommy Maximoff

Billy and Tommy worked for me. They will definitely have a future in the MCU as Wiccan and Speed, and I thought that this was a nice introduction to the characters. I enjoyed the child actors. When Wanda says goodbye to them, it is heartbreaking. They are fun enough, but they don't have a ton of time on screen, so they can't really be higher.

5. Tyler Hayward

People are hating on Hayward. However, I think he fits perfectly inside of the development of the post-Endgame MCU. His character arc and motivations run parallel to Mysterio, who I love. Since he essentially lived through the apocalypse, he doesn't trust superheroes anymore and wants to stop people or things that he views as threats. Maybe he becomes a little bit more cartoonish in the finale, but I love his motivation.

4. Agatha Harkness

Agatha Harkness may have been the obvious reveal, but that Agatha All Along song is fantastic. Kathryn Hahn is incredible. She's an interesting villain, because she isn't exactly wrong. The build-up to her reveal as the villain was great, and the transformation into full-on sarcastic, rude, and vile was great. There is a chance that we see her again, and I'm all for that.

3. Monica Rambeau

Monica could become one of the better characters in the MCU. The scene where she returns from the snap is one of the darkest and most upsetting scenes in the series and the franchise. I loved seeing her get her powers and turning into Photon. Hopefully she becomes a more fleshed out character in Captain Marvel 2. My biggest problem with her is the actress, Teyonah Parris. She is incredibly inconsistent, and a lot of her line delivery was really exaggerated and loud in a negative way.

2. Vision

Vision's slow realization that Westview isn't real is one of the best arcs in the show. He is loving to Wanda at first, then suspicious, then angry, then sad. It is capped off with the single tear that rolls down his eye in the finale, which may be my favorite moment in the show. Paul Bettany gives this character more emotion than ever, and I honestly hope this is the last we see of Vision. His character doesn't really have a logical continuation, even though I'm sure White Vision will reappear.

1. Wanda Maximoff

But this show was about Wanda. The main plot line is about Wanda accepting her grief and moving on. And that's a hard pill to swallow. We know how much trauma she has and what it can do, so we are experiencing this with her. This show also affirms that she is the most powerful person in the MCU. That could have huge implications for the rest of Phase Four. Elizabeth Olsen's Emmy-worthy performance just elevates the character, and I'm very excited to see her in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.


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