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All 11 DCEU Movies, Ranked

I updated my DCEU ranking to include The Suicide Squad.

11. Man of Steel

I do not understand how people enjoy this movie. When you zoom out and look at the bigger picture, Man of Steel can be described in three parts: Part 1 is the destruction of Krypton. We get to see Jor-El running around this painfully bad CGI world that gives you a headache. Part 2 is Clark learning that concealing his powers are more important than human life. And I am not posing this as a good thing. It is super dumb. And Part 3 is this horrible CGI battle between Superman and Zod that is just them slamming each other into walls at super speed. This movie drags on and gave me a headache. I never recommend skipping a movie, but this worthless piece of junk fits into that category.

10. Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice

BVS was much better the second time I watched it. That doesn't mean that it was good. It shatters the characters of both Batman and Superman, turning them into bad people that kill without reason or rhyme. DC started things off too dark, and I really was not a fan. This movie is also full of headache inducing CGI, but at least the action can be fun. I also liked the setup for Justice League. Otherwise, this movie is a total dumpster fire.

9. Suicide Squad

A lot of people hate Suicide Squad. I don't like it, but I don't think it deserves what it gets. Yes, the Joker is terrible. Yes, the villain is cliche and bad. But I think that it is fun being with Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn and Will Smith's Deadshot. That said, I would still give this movie a Sour rating. It is an overstuffed mess that only survives on Harley Quinn and Deadshot.

8. Justice League

Another movie that people hate, and for good reason. I understand why audiences don't like this movie, but I had a good time with it. The villain sucks, but I like seeing the team finally together. I didn't mind The Flash as comedic relief. I liked the story and the group dynamic between all of the heroes. It does suffer from CGI headaches, though, and it tries to be The Avengers, which it is not. But I thought it was a fun, flawed adventure with a couple of the world's greatest superheroes.

7. Wonder Woman 1984

WW84 has a lot of problems. But it is a whole lot of fun. This is really the first time that we get full-on Wonder Woman and it is very entertaining. I thought that we had some good villains with both Maxwell Lord and Cheetah. It's massive scope and stakes didn't always work and it strayed from the usual superhero formula, but not in a good way. This film could be a lot better if some simple mistakes, like Steve's return, were executed better.

6. Zack Snyder's Justice League

Better? Yes. Bigger? Yes. Too big? Very much so. The epic, four-hour version of Justice League gives its characters a bunch of new development and depth, which I absolutely adored, but four hours is absurd. The CGI isn't great, the acting isn't great, and the runtime is too long, but it makes Justice League better in almost every way. I would consider this canon and the true version of Justice League. However, there should be a three-hour version of this that would be great instead of good.

5. Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)

Birds of Prey is just tons of fun. It's like the Fight Club of superhero movies. It's this crazy, non-linear story with an unreliable narrator. Margot Robbie steals the spotlight with her Harley Quinn performance, but Ewan McGregor is also incredible as Black Mask. Some of it is a bit too much and the supporting characters aren't fantastic, but I had a great time with it.

4. Shazam!

Shazam! is non-stop fun from the beginning to the end. Yes, it's tonally inconsistent, but it has a slew of one-liners and comedic elements that I was a huge fan of, and they totally worked. Zachary Levi as this confused, kid-like superhero is something that I thought was really fun. The biggest problem with Shazam! is the difference between Levi's performance and the performance of Asher Angel. They are supposed to play the same character, but Angel is so boring and bad, while Levi is energetic and great.

3. The Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad may not have a confirmed place inside of the wider DCEU, but as a standalone Suicide Squad movie, this film is tons of fun. It has a massive ensemble cast that feels balanced and executed well. The gritty war vibe is great when combined with James Gunn's dark humor. It's a cool movie that could've benefitted from better villains, but that's really the only major problem.

2. Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is a pretty good movie. Gal Gadot carries this film with her charm and most everything about it is good. The stuff on Themyscira is great and the fish-out-of-water comedy when Diana arrives in America is fantastic. This has some of the best scenes in the DCEU, specifically the No Man's Land sequence. I don't love the third act of this movie, though. It turned into a big CGI battle that did not look good. However, it was the first film that showed the potential of the DCEU.

1. Aquaman

I think that Aquaman is the only movie in the DCEU that I would say I love. I thought that this had the best villain in the DCEU with Ocean Master. Some of the action sequences were really fun. Jason Momoa is the best actor in the franchise. He is hilarious, but perfectly serious when he needs to be. This is the movie that sets up the future of the DCEU the best, and I only wish that they had figured this out earlier.


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