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All 3 A Quiet Place Movies, Ranked


With the release of A Quiet Place: Day One, we now have three movies in this franchise, which is kind of unexpected. Although A Quiet Place left room for a sequel, it felt like it was a pretty one-off, standalone horror movie. Now, not only do we have a sequel, but we have a spin-off as well as a third sequel on the way. I think all of these movies are good, so last place does not mean I dislike the film there. That said, here is my ranking of all three A Quiet Place movies.

3. A Quiet Place: Day One

I think Day One is easily the weakest and was almost always going to be inferior to the original two. The thing it does best is separate itself from the main movies. This is a very personal, poignant story that uses the world of A Quiet Place as a backdrop rather than as a main plot device. Lupita Nyong'o and Joseph Quinn are fun together and the movie has more heart than expected. It is, however, lighter on thrills and definitely pushes the threshold of how much sound someone can make without being killed, so it just frustrated me a bit more than the main movies. But I do think it's a good spin-off.

2. A Quiet Place

I have a bit of a strange experience with this film, because I saw Part II before I saw the original. Maybe that meant that the special factor of this film was watered down by having seen the sequel first, but I didn't love this movie. I think John Krasinski does a fantastic job directing. I think the Abbott family are compelling characters. The concept is obviously genius and the film is heavy on thrills and intensity. It does feel like this film very much introduces us to the world and the story is more of a background element. The characters are very reactive until the very end when they figure out how to kill the Death Angels, which just makes it not as fun as the second one. However, this is still a very good, iconic horror movie.

1. A Quiet Place Part II

I think I prefer Part II mainly because it shows our protagonists fighting back. I love stories of the weaker, lesser person or species rising up and defeating the person (or in this case, creature) that is oppressing or killing them. This puts a different spin on that type of formula and injects some hope into this post-apocalyptic world. I also think our new characters that we get here are awesome. Cillian Murphy was the standout, but all of the island people are fun too. It also ends on this great cliffhanger that leaves the audience itching for Part III. I love this movie. I think it does everything that a Quiet Place movie should, so it comes in at number one.


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