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All 4 MonsterVerse Films, Ranked

After the release of Godzilla vs. Kong, I decided it'd be fun to do a couple of rankings with the MonsterVerse. The MonsterVerse is a shared universe between Godzilla and King Kong that currently consists of four movies. No movies have been announced after Godzilla vs. Kong. That said, here is my ranking of all four Godzilla/Kong MonsterVerse movies.

4. Godzilla

Godzilla was bad. 80% of the film is characters spewing scientific words back and forth that don't make any sense to the audience. Any time Godzilla shows up, it cuts away and we see a news broadcast or something. When it finally gets to the final showdown, it's so dark that you cannot see anything. This movie is a pretty rough watch in my opinion, so just skip this one. It doesn't really do anything for the rest of the MonsterVerse movies.

3. Godzilla: King of the Monsters

This movie is pretty mediocre. There is tons of monster action. Some of it is fun, but the movie is dragged down by a super dark, somber tone and a relentlessly bad script. The human characters are painfully bad and anytime Godzilla isn't on screen, the movie is excessively boring. The gallery of monsters that we get besides Godzilla is pretty good, though.

2. Godzilla vs. Kong

To be clear, I think that Godzilla vs. Kong and Kong: Skull Island are miles ahead of both Godzilla and Godzilla: King of the Monsters. This film delivers us what we want at point blank range. Giant, epic battles between Godzilla and Kong that are just tons of fun to watch. This movie has some incredible visuals and a high entertainment value, but story, characters, and screenplay are very dull. This is not a great movie by any means. But it is a fun one.

1. Kong: Skull Island

In my opinion, Kong: Skull Island has the best action, visual style, and characters of any MonsterVerse movie. That's the reason that it is the best. Some of the shots are stunning and that helicopter sequence with Kong's first appearance is the best action in the MonsterVerse. The characters are not great, but they aren't the atrocities that the other characters in the MonsterVerse are. They are all played by actors from the MCU and The Good Place, so that made me enjoy it. Overall, this movie is just the most fun one in the MonsterVerse, so it comes in first.


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