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All 9 Episodes of WandaVision, Ranked

9. Episode 8: Previously On

This episode was fine. It had one of the best performances in the MCU with Elizabeth Olsen. It felt off, though. The emotions were heavy, which was the best part, and some of the dialogue was great. But the episode didn't have a hook. It wasn't an entertaining episode and did give us some underwhelming answers. I have soured a bit on this episode after digesting it, and it is in last place for a reason.

8. Episode 7: Breaking the Fourth Wall

Breaking the Fourth Wall was really just a filler episode to introduce Agatha Harkness. Everything until the reveal was not the best. I liked the references to The Office and the Agatha All Along sequence is incredible. But the rest of the episode was pretty bland. And they shoehorned in Vision, which I was not a fan of.

7. Episode 4: We Interrupt This Program

This episode was good. Obviously not my favorite. It gave us some answers and re-introduced some fun side characters from the rest of the MCU. It did a great job of showing us the trauma that Endgame caused. This episode really didn't advance the plot, though, so that holds it back for me.

6. Episode 1: Filmed Before a Live Studio Audience

The introduction to WandaVision was very charming and entertaining. The re-creation of the 1950s sitcom was incredible. Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany do a great job of acting like they did in Dick Van Dyke and I Love Lucy. The quick tonal shift into a really creepy and intense scene is just spectacular. It set the stage for the future of this show, and did it really well.

5. Episode 3: Now in Color

Most of this episode was definitely not my favorite. However, the last five minutes of the episode are just incredible. Both Teyonah Parris and Elizabeth Olsen have amazing performances near the end as they connect to the outside world of the MCU. This was the first reveal of what might be going on, and it set up the rest of the show for greatness. Some of the teases were the best of the first three episodes, which made me like it a lot.

4. Episode 9: The Series Finale

Some people were disappointed by the finale, and I completely understand why. There are some underwhelming things, especially with Pietro. However, I enjoyed the character interactions and the emotional weight. I thought it did a good enough job of wrapping up everything and keeping along with the grief theme. The teases by the actors and directors set up the audience for disappointment, as they said stuff about a huge cameo and a big, surprising conclusion that didn't exactly happen. If you had expectations lowered for this episode, you'd enjoy it more. I was legitimately satisfied by this episode and it cemented this show as one of the best MCU projects.

3. Episode 6: All-New Halloween Spooktacular!

I was a bit conflicted when I first watched this episode, as I felt it didn't really reveal enough for me. However, since the show is now over, I liked this episode a lot. The costumes were great and the sitcom was fun. I loved Vision's patrol, and the episode ends with the expanding of the Hex, which was incredible.

2. Episode 2: Don't Touch that Dial

I have an unpopular opinion on this. I really liked the first three episodes, even though they were completely different than anything we'd ever seen from the MCU. The tonal shifts and mystery build were fabulous, as was the magic routine and Paul Bettany's drunk Vision. This was the hook that pulled me fully into the show.

1. Episode 5: On a Very Special Episode...

I absolutely loved this episode. It was the turning point for the series. We got answers in episode 4 and then we get this. The scene where Wanda and Vision confront each other is my favorite scene in the series. The Evan Peters cameo was great at the time, even though that turned out to be nothing. This is the first episode where S.W.O.R.D. was interwoven with the sitcom. This was easily the best episode and the high point of the series.

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