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All Four Songs in Bambi, Ranked

Drip drip drop, little April shower...

Ugh. Bambi. If you just read my review, I didn't like this movie, and part of that was the music. Even a lot of the worst Disney movies still have a memorable song or two. Bambi really doesn't. The music here is some of the worst that Disney has ever produced. It is one of the weakest points of the film. This ranking is going to be me crapping on all of these songs, because they are not very good. Let's dive in.

4. Let's Sing a Gay Little Spring Song

This is one of the weirdest songs in any Disney movie. Right after the audience is traumatized by Bambi's mother being shot and killed, we go into a fun little song that's an allusion to sex. What?? Literally the scene after Bambi's mother dies, we fly into this horrible song where a bunch of birds are becoming "twitterpated" and are all flying around and singing a "gay little spring song". Ugh. Horrible.

3. Looking for Romance (I Bring You a Song)

To be honest, I don't really remember this song. I mean, I do, but not that much. This is Bambi's love ballad that you will watch and then immediately forget about moments after you watch it. Clearly, Disney did not prioritize the music for this movie, because never in my life have I forgotten a Disney song (even the bad ones) so quickly. Yuck.

2. Love Is a Song

The OSCAR-NOMINATED song to open the film is so generic and bad. It feels like it could fit in to literally any Disney movie and be just as generic and awful. This song plays over the credits. I wasn't even going to include it, but it was nominated for Best Original Song. I don't understand how. Make no mistake. It's placement at #2 is not a good thing. It's just stuck in a movie where none of the songs are really that good.

1. Little April Shower

The ONLY song that I fully remember is Little April Shower. It is, by no means, a great song, but it's slightly memorable and fun. It captures the youthful spirit of Bambi experiencing nature at its full force for the first time. Compared to the music from Snow White, Pinocchio, and Dumbo, this song is bad, but in context of Bambi, it works fine. Not great at all. But decent. Maybe it's helped by the fact that it's in a movie with bad music. I don't know. It's okay.


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