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All Four Songs in Dumbo, Ranked

Look out! Look out!

Dumbo has the best music of any of the Golden Age movies. I didn't think this would be the case, but all four songs in this movie are decent to excellent. I don't really think this movie is that good, so the music definitely surprised me. It has a weird soundtrack, but every song brings something different to the table, which I appreciated. That said, here's my ranking of all four songs from Dumbo.

4. Look Out for Mr. Stork

As an introductory song to Dumbo, this is fine. It isn't super memorable, but it isn't really that bad either. I don't really get the point of it, because there's a bunch of storks that deliver babies to parents...but Dumbo is delivered by a completely different stork in a completely different scene about five minutes after this song. It's an odd opening to an odd movie, but I really don't mind it that much.

3. When I See an Elephant Fly

I'm so conflicted on this song. On one hand, it's very catchy. It's kind of fun. On the other hand, the crows are so insanely racist that I just can't really get behind this song. On a positive note, it does feel like an early version of The Bare Necessities and other songs like that, which I do enjoy. It will get stuck in your head. It's that type of number. But I just can't put it any higher, because the crows are just too offensive for me to endorse this song.

2. Baby Mine

Dumbo's emotions are one of the strongest points in the movie. While I personally don't think the film is very good, there are parts where it tears your heart out. This is one of those parts. Baby Mine is a devastating song that has the power of a lot of the best sad Disney music. The image of Mrs. Jumbo's trunk holding Dumbo as he cries is absolutely heart-breaking. I don't actually find the song itself that enjoyable, but the emotion here pushes it to one of Dumbo's strongest moments.

1. Pink Elephants on Parade

The songs in Dumbo are so strange. Look Out for Mr. Stork is a weird intro. When I See an Elephant Fly is fun but racist. Baby Mine is one of the saddest Disney songs. And Pink Elephants on Parade feels like an acid trip. It's TERRIFYING. But it's amazing. It feels like the prototype for Heffalumps and Woozles with the animation and tune. It's so catchy and so frickin' creepy. It has no implication on the story whatsoever, but I don't care, because it is easily the best and most entertaining part of Dumbo.


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