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Eternals After-Credits Explained

Two major post-credits scenes tease a few new characters.

While Eternals may not have been the best of the MCU movies, both of the two after-credits were solid. They introduced a new character as well as teasing two other characters. Let's dive in to what both those after-credits mean and how these characters will be used in the future of the MCU.

Also, spoilers ahead if you have not seen Eternals.

Who is Eros?

The first post-credits scene in Eternals shows Makkari, Druig, and Thena still looking for other Eternals on the ship. Then, a mysterious rainbow thing appears and a dwarf pops out. The dwarf (played by Patton Oswalt) introduces a more interesting character: Eros, brother of Thanos, played by Harry Styles.

In the comics, Eros is called Starfox and is the polar opposite of his brother. While Thanos is violent and scary, Eros is more carefree and fun. After the death of his parents, though, he takes life more seriously and joins the Avengers to fight his megalomaniac brother.

So I think him being Thanos' brother is not really that big of a deal. Yeah, it's cool, but he's not out for vengeance against the universe because Thanos is dead. I don't even think he really liked Thanos. I think Eros is an interesting character that will probably appear in the possible sequel to Eternals. Do I think he will be a major character in the future? Probably. They cast Harry Styles to play him. Harry Styles is a big name.

And, as I implied before, Starfox probably won't be an antagonist. In the end credits of Eternals, he seemed like he genuinely wanted to help Druig, Makkari, and Thena. Now, what will be interesting is the heroes' skepticism of Eros, because he is the brother of Thanos. That will make for some mistrust.

As for me, this is not super exciting. First of all, I got this spoiled for me before I went into the movie. Second of all, I just don't think that Eros is a super exciting character. Yeah, he seems cool. Maybe Harry Styles would be good. But this isn't a game-changing post-credits scene. I enjoyed the second one quite a bit more than I enjoyed this one.

What was the second one teasing and whose voice was that?

In the comics, Kit Harington's character, Dane Whitman, becomes a superhero known as the Black Knight. He has some kind of relation to King Arthur and some mystical tie back to mythology and stuff like that. The blade that he was examining at the end of the movie was definitely just teasing his future as the Black Knight. I really liked Kit Harington inside of Eternals, so I'm excited to see where they take this character in the future. Black Knight is not a character that I know much about, so that doesn't excite me that much.

What does excite me is the voice that Kit Harington heard before it cut to black. As Dane is reaching for the sword, a mysterious voice warns him, saying "Are you sure you're ready for that, Mr. Whitman?".

This was the voice of none other than Mahershala Ali himself. Blade.

That gets me hyped for the future. Blade is a super underrated character that I cannot wait to see in the MCU. I love Mahershala Ali and I love Blade. His solo movie is (hopefully) going to be really good. But, yeah, that gets me excited for Dane's future as well as the appearance of Blade in the coming years.

Those are my thoughts on the after-credits of Eternals. Not the best Marvel has given us, but certainly still exciting. Hopefully we get a release date for Blade this Friday, because it's Disney+ day.


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