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Every Movie I Watched in February, Ranked

I watched 12 films in February. Most of them are guilty pleasure movies, films that aren't quality but are really entertaining. There's a couple of exceptions, which you can see on the list down below. Depending on how many views this gets, I may do this at the end of every month. Leave a comment if you like it. That said, let's dive in.

12. Godzilla

Yeesh. Godzilla is a very confusing monster movie whose titular character has about five minutes of screen time. Out of those five minutes, there are about thirty seconds where he is full visible. The film spends about 95% of its runtime blabbing science jargon that doesn't make sense. The big spectacle monster action is non-existent until the final ten which the massive fight scene between Godzilla and the MUTOs (who are the villains) is completely dark. You cannot see anything, which makes this movie forgettable, disappointing, and bad.

11. Tom & Jerry

Tom & Jerry is somewhat entertaining, but it also fails at pretty much everything. The story is terrible, the characters are paper thin, and the directing is just garbage. The animation is gorgeous, but there's pretty much nothing else to see in this film.

10. Star Wars: Episode III-Revenge of the Sith

Easily the best of the prequels, Revenge of the Sith delivers a ton of great Star Wars action, emotion, and fits into the original trilogy in great fashion. Hayden Christensen is still awful and Darth Vader's turn to the dark side is executed very poorly. This film isn't necessarily bad, because it can be fun, but it isn't that good, either.

9. Splash

Splash is a fun enough rom-com. This is a fun movie to watch, because it's really before Tom Hanks' career took off. It has a fun concept, but it does drift into the generic territory. It follows a very basic template, but does a good job of following that template. If you want a fun, light-hearted movie, this is worth checking out.

8. Batman: Under the Red Hood

Under the Red Hood is a fun enough movie that feels like it would fit more as an episode of a TV show. For an hour and fifteen minute film, the runtime is too long. It's an entertaining watch, though. A classic Batman story is always a good thing to throw on every once in a while.

7. Apollo 13

Apollo 13 is one hundred percent a fabulous movie. It's worthy of the Best Picture nod. The acting is great, Ron Howard directs the crap out of it, and it crafts a compelling and emotional story. It just isn't really the most fun movie to watch. Because this movie is a true story and the performances are great, it can be really uncomfortable to watch.

6. The Breakfast Club

This is the most dialogue-driven film ever. The Breakfast Club captures how high schoolers feel and how they act around others. John Hughes' script is absolutely stellar. Being in high school, I can really relate to all these characters and how they react to each other. The performances are really great and the story, while simple, is perfect. Once again though, this isn't the most exciting movie ever.

5. Kong: Skull Island

Apollo 13 and The Breakfast Club are classic, quality films. Kong is the complete opposite of that. It is this schlocky monster movie that is not quality...but it is tons of fun. The visuals are stunning, the performances are great, and the monster action is just awesome. There are some really cool concepts and action sequences that are shot and visualized in amazing fashion. This is a stupid fun movie that action movie people will really enjoy.

4. Coming to America

Coming to America is, in my opinion, the best Eddie Murphy movie. The first three quarters of the movie is just hilarious and fantastic. The way that Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall are able to capture a bunch of different personalities in a bunch of different costumes is great. It does fall apart a little bit near the end, but that doesn't take away from the previous comedy that created a lot of laughs.

3. Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

Anchorman 2 is the exact same humor as the original Anchorman...which is why I liked this movie a ton. Will Ferrell and Steve Carell still have it. The ridiculous, stupid, and absolutely genius humor works. The last ten minutes may just be a re-run of Anchorman 1, but everything else is just as funny as the original.

2. The Karate Kid

The Karate Kid is very much a product of the 80s, but it delivers a relatable, heartfelt, and character-driven dive into a high schooler that needs to defend himself. At the core of this film is the relationship between Mr. Miyagi and Daniel. Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita have fabulous chemistry and their relationship makes the audience feel nice and warm, making this one of the better and more memorable films from this era.

1. Pulp Fiction

One of the greatest films of all time, Pulp Fiction is a milestone in cinematic history. From the crazy, non-linear scribble story to the incredible performances to the best screenplay of all time, this movie has it all. It is easily one of the most unique films I've ever seen, and I had a blast watching it. This movie is near perfection, standing as Tarantino's best and most popular movie as well as one of the most influential movies ever.

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