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My Top 15 Favorite Movie Heroes of All Time

If you couldn't tell from reading this website, I love movies. And a big contributor to whether I like a movie or not is the hero of the film. Some films have provided cliche or boring heroes. But these fifteen heroes listed below are the ones that created those cliches. These are my fifteen favorite movie heroes of all time.

15. Ron Burgundy (Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy)

Ron Burgundy may not be the guy that takes down any type of massive world threat, but he is the guy that makes you fall over laughing. Played to perfection by Will Ferrell, this character is absolutely hysterical. Probably the most recognizable comedic character in cinematic history, passing the likes of Frank Drebin, Lloyd Christmas, and Happy Gilmore. I haven't seen Anchorman 2 yet, but I'm sure he's just as funny in that.

14. Martin Brody (Jaws)

Once again, Brody may not be taking down a potential worldwide threat that could destroy the universe. He's a police chief that is just doing what he believes is right by going out and fighting the shark. He isn't saving the world, but he sure is saving his town. He stands up to the mayor, tries to close the beaches, and eventually goes out and destroys the beast.

13. John McClane (Die Hard)

The reason that John McClane is such a great character is because he isn't the quintessential action hero, at least in the first film. In an era where we had Rambo, Dutch, The Terminator, and more, John McTiernan gave us John McClane. He is a regular, average person that is terrified when thrown into this situation. He fights the terrorists, thinking that he is probably going to die. John McClane represents the average Joe in this situation, albeit with a little bit more intelligence and luck.

12. Yoda (Star Wars)

As soon as this goblin-Muppet entered the screen, he was iconic. To me, Yoda represents generations of the Force and the Jedi. He may be only two feet tall, but he is the most powerful being in the galaxy. Lucas came up with a great idea by having the most powerful Force user be small. From his deep philosophies to his backward talking, Yoda is one of the best representations of not judging a book by its cover.

11. Superman (Superman Films)

While he may not be the first superhero, he is the superhero. When I said some of these characters created cliches in the intro, Superman is what I meant. He represents everything good about the world. Even with all his power, he isn't always able to win, and we see that evident throughout the first two Superman films. The alter ego, the ridiculous amount of superpowers, the iconic lair, and the crazy evil enemies were all created by Superman.

10. Obi-Wan Kenobi (Star Wars)

I think that, while the prequels mostly suck, Obi-Wan is the one consistently good thing throughout. Both Ewan McGregor and Alec Guiness do fantastic things with this character, and he is the original mentor. We see his mistakes made by not putting his full faith in Anakin in the prequels, partly causing his fall to the Dark Side. He is careful with Luke to make sure that he doesn't have the same fate. It all adds up to a very wise, very likable, and very good character.

9. Sheriff Woody (Toy Story)

I think Woody stands as the greatest animated character of all time. He is caring, kind, a great leader, and a good friend. However, he does have faults. He can be arrogant and shows signs of jealousy when Buzz comes along. He doesn't always put his faith in his friends. And this is all examined throughout the Toy Story films. However, he wouldn't be on this list without Toy Story 4. It did a perfect job of having an emotionally satisfying conclusion to Woody's arc, cementing him as one of the greats.

8. Captain America (Marvel Cinematic Universe)

Captain America is basically the Superman of the MCU. He represents truth, justice, and the American way. The reason that he is higher than the Man of Steel is simply because he has a better representation in film. Cap's character arc in the MCU is fabulous. It is paid off perfectly in Endgame. The final scene of Cap that we get is him fulfilling his promise to Peggy by dancing with her. Enough said.

7. Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)

If this were based on the books, Ron would be on the list. However, in the movies, Hermione is a better character. She is incredibly loyal to Harry and never wavers. I love how their relationship is developed in Deathly Hallows-Part 1, especially with that dancing scene. She is up there with Leia, Rey, and Black Widow as one of the most powerful and inspirational female representations in cinematic history.

6. Han Solo (Star Wars)

Han is probably the most iconic of the Star Wars heroes. He is really the first anti-hero put to film, although he does become a full-fledged hero by the end of the original trilogy. Harrison Ford's performance is the best of the Star Wars performances, and it adds to the charisma and likability of Han. He is an amazing character that has a fitting role in every movie that he is in.

5. Spider-Man (Marvel Cinematic Universe)

Spider-Man has a very bright future. I've loved every movie that he's been in in the MCU, and Tom Holland is the perfect Peter Parker. His death was absolutely devastating, even though he came back. Far From Home left off on a huge cliffhanger, and I can't wait for Spider-Man 3. A teenage superhero is a trope that hasn't actually been done much in film, and it hasn't really been done right with Spider-Man until now.

4. Batman (The Dark Knight Trilogy)

The darker, grittier take on Batman works perfectly in The Dark Knight trilogy. Even though there is still some element of fantasy, this version of Batman is the most realistic version of the character that we've seen yet. His arc culminates at the end of The Dark Knight Rises, where he makes a final sacrifice that cements this as the best version of The Dark Knight ever put on screen.

3. Luke Skywalker (Star Wars)

Luke Skywalker invented the hero's cliche. He is really the first character to go on a full-fledged epic hero's journey, and that makes him the best hero in Star Wars and the second-best character behind his father. We see his character grow. He starts off as a whiny, slightly annoying farm boy that goes to an arrogant, still impatient Padawan. In Return of the Jedi, he comes full circle and returns as the calm, collected, and powerful Jedi that he was destined to be. I don't mind what they did with him in The Last Jedi, and I still think that he is one of the greats.

2. Harry Potter (Harry Potter)

Harry Potter is another example of the quintessential hero. However, his conflict and his enemies are more defined than Luke. He is also more relatable. Although he does eventually become one of the greatest wizards of all time, he is whisked away into the magical world with us. He is the POV character for the audience. It makes him so relatable and so likable. It helps that Daniel Radcliffe looks exactly like him and acts exactly as J.K. Rowling describes him. Harry Potter is best character in the Wizarding World, and one of my favorites of all time.

1. Iron Man (Marvel Cinematic Universe)

Iron Man has the single best character arc for a hero that has ever been done. He goes from an egotistical and arrogant jerk to the man who saves the universe by sacrificing himself. He is so charming and so likable that it's hard not to cry when he snaps at the end of Endgame. What makes him so interesting is that he is affected by Thanos' snap at the end of Infinity War, but once he finds out that Pepper is still alive, he is able to start a family. We see the side of Thanos' massacre that helped people through Iron Man. That creates a fantastic build-up to the finale and his sacrifice, making him my favorite movie hero


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