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Peacemaker vs. The Book of Boba Fett: Mid-Season Thoughts

Disclaimer: I have not watched episode five of either of these shows. I wanted to record my mid-season thoughts before I continued into the last third of this shows.

The Book of Boba Fett

Unlike most people, I was never on the hype train for The Book of Boba Fett. It seemed like a Star Wars gimmick show. Like "Hey, remember this cool characters from the original trilogy? He's getting his own show!". A Boba Fett show isn't something I wanted or needed. I thought he was great in the original trilogy as a silent killer. I was even a little bit iffy when he returned in The Mandalorian. I've never really wanted him to become an actual character, yet here we are.

And, immediately, the show proved me right. While I thought that the flashbacks were mildly interesting, the main plot moved at the pace of a snail. They just couldn't really find anything cool to do with this series.

My first big issue is that the show has taken place entirely on Tatooine. The Star Wars universe is one of the most interesting and creative universes ever invented. With The Book of Boba Fett, we get to spend eight more hours in this amazing franchise...yet it's eight hours on the most boring planet that we've visited countless times. That's so annoying.

And the plot is just so slow. After four episodes, it's barely moved. We finally got a tease at the end of episode four about the Mandalorian, who I know does return in episode five, so I'm intrigued to see what happens with that.

The world of Star Wars is fun. That's why this show is watchable. But it's not my favorite. It seems like boiler plate, generic Star Wars. As problematic as the prequels are, I think they still feel like Star Wars. Attack of the Clones is my least favorite movie ever, but I still think of it as Star Wars. Ever since Disney acquired Lucasfilm, they haven't been able to capture that sweeping feeling of taking you to a galaxy far, far away (except for Rogue One). I might do another post on that if this show ends badly.

With all of that said, this is still a very watchable show. It's entertaining enough. I like Temuera Morrison and Ming-Na Wen. There's fun action. It's Star Wars. I'm excited to see Din return in episode five. But I just wish Disney was doing a better job with Star Wars. I hope that they don't screw up Obi-Wan Kenobi, but I'm not so confident.


On the complete opposite side of things, I am absolutely loving Peacemaker. Episode five comes out today, and I cannot wait to check it out.

For this show, DC let James Gunn go extra James Gunn. I really liked The Suicide Squad, and Peacemaker is that cranked up to 11. This show has some of the best raunchy and adult comedy that I've ever seen. It's so funny. John Cena just nails the deadpan, overly serious character of Peacemaker who is just so over-the-top and ridiculous but works so well at the same time.

Since Man of Steel, the DCEU has been trying to copy the MCU. When the whole Justice League thing happened, they realized that their shared universe simply was not going to work as well as the MCU. Instead of forcing directors to do a bunch of things and match tones and character arcs, they decided to just kind of let directors roam free with a bunch of different characters. And that was the way to go. Because now, we get stuff like Peacemaker.

I am being one hundred percent transparent when I say this: if Peacemaker ends on a good note, it will probably be #1 on my DCEU ranking. I know it seems strange to put a show above all the movies, but I love this show. It's awesome.

In episodes one through three, they established the tone and the dark comedy that this show has. In episode four, however, they showed Peacemaker's horrific backstory that develops his character even further. The dynamic that they've crafted with him and his dad is one of the most heart-breaking things ever put in a superhero show. They do a great job of having this wildly entertaining show, but also giving it an emotional undercurrent.

I am loving Peacemaker. I think it's better than all of the Marvel Disney+ shows. With the surprising success of this and the surprising success of Hawkeye, I think I've come to the conclusion that I like shows with smaller stakes much more than the epic shows that try to outdo each other.

I also hope that Peacemaker doesn't try to wow the audience with a shocking cameo or plot twist that reveals a major DC villain has been behind this entire thing the whole time. I want this show to embrace the smaller nature and keep it in this contained story. I don't think that it should have a massive effect on the outer DCEU. I don't think it will, but that's my one worry as of right now.

Which One Is Better?

That's not even a question. I think most people agree that Peacemaker is miles ahead of The Book of Boba Fett. I do want Boba Fett to succeed, but it's just not a great show. Peacemaker is one of the best things from the DCEU and one of the best superhero shows of all time.

Which Finale Am I Most Excited For?

Even though The Book of Boba Fett isn't great, I think I'm equally excited for the finales. Like I said, episode four of The Book of Boba Fett ended with a very exciting tease about a certain someone, and, from what I've heard, episode five is great. I want The Book of Boba Fett to go out on a high note, and, hopefully, it does.

I don't know where Peacemaker is headed. The plot line surrounding the butterflies is very mysterious, and, with the twist at the end of episode four, I'm very interested to see what else is in store. I'm very excited for the finale of this show as well. I just don't exactly know where it's headed. We shall see.

I'll be back in two weeks with a full review of The Book of Boba Fett. And I will also be back in three weeks with a full review of Peacemaker.


Fun Factor: 9.5/10

Acting: 8.5/10

Story: 8.5/10 Characters: 9/10

Quality: 8.5/10


Fun Factor: 6.5/10

Acting: 7.5/10

Story: 3/10

Characters: 5/10

Quality: 5.5/10


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