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Quick Announcement

There are nearly 60 movie reviews on this website. I have added some stuff and changed some stuff in each review. Some of them say Warning: spoilers ahead at the beginning. Some of them have trailers. I even changed the rating system halfway through. In my current reviews, I rate different things in the film out of 10. In my earlier reviews, I didn't do that. There are some reviews, like my review of Crimson Tide, that I rated as a Savory because I originally had Savory as the best rating. Crimson Tide is one of my favorite movies of all time, and if I review it today, I'd give it a Sweet. So, now that I've explained why all my reviews are slightly different, I'm going to get into the actual announcement.

I'm changing things up. I don't plan on highlighting the positives and then the negatives. Instead, I'm going to go through the story and comment on things that I liked in particular scenes and things that I didn't like. The next review that I plan on releasing is Toy Story 3, and that should be out by the end of the weekend. The review will look different, so don't be surprised if it seems wrong.

I also am going to not just publish movie reviews anymore. There is a chance that I will have a release schedule in which I publish certain things on certain days, but that isn't in the near future. There are some more blog posts that I want to write, like lists and theories and some other fun things besides just reviews. I still will mainly publish reviews and stuff, but there will be some new things that come up.

Lastly, if you follow my Instagram, I'm going to try to be more interactive. I will take suggestions or requests if you guys have any. Right now, most of my readers are family and friends, so I'm sure that you guys could just text me or call me, but there will be times that I will post polls or questions on my account. I will also be attaching links to every blog post on the Instagram post.

That's it. There may be more changes to Sweet N' Sour coming, but I'm going to stick with this for right now. Thank you guys so much for reading my reviews. I hope that they provide some light in dark times.


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