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Thor: Love and Thunder First Trailer Is an Energetic and Fun But Quick Look

Here it is.

The highly anticipated trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder is finally here! The teaser is very short, but also gives us a good amount of looks and teases. Here are my thoughts:

Trailer Overview and My Thoughts

The trailer starts off as a recap of Thor's life. We see him in battle. We see him with flames surrounding him. And then we cut to New Asgard, and a voiceover of Thor explains that he is done with being a superhero. Backing the trailer is Guns N' Roses' Sweet Child O' Mine, which just brings a kinetic energy to this film that Immigrant Song brought to Thor: Ragnarok.

We get a few shots of Star-Lord and the rest of the Guardians. I saw Mantis, Drax, and Nebula. I'm not sure we got any looks at Rocket and Groot. And, obviously, Gamora is still missing.

I already love the comedic tone that this trailer brought. The dynamic between Star-Lord and Thor is going to be great.

New Asgard looks fun. There are big, flying pirate ships that kind of reminded me of Neverland. The sets look wondrous and fun. I really loved the tone of this trailer. So far, MCU Phase Four has been dark, with films and shows like WandaVision, Black Widow, No Way Home, Moon Knight, and Multiverse of Madness. Love and Thunder looks to have the lighter energy that Ragnarok had, which I love.

We get a quick shot of Valkyrie dressed in this very official suit. She looks bored, so I'm interesting to see where they take that. She's the current King of Asgard, so I really think that her character is going to be fun.

Another thing that I noticed upon second watch was Zeus. I totally forgot that Russell Crowe was in this movie. There are a few quick glimpses of his character. We never see his face, but he actually seemed somewhat prominent. They keep cutting to a golden palace-like place that seems like Mount Olympus. It was strange. They originally said that his character was only going to be a cameo, but that doesn't look to be the case, because you don't include cameo characters in a trailer.

Then we get the title card. And, after that, we get the shot that everyone will talk about.

We are in the middle of a big battle scene. Thor is wearing some kind of viking armor. We see a cracked Mjolnir fly past him. A hand catches it. And then the camera tilts down, revealing Natalie Portman's Jane Foster. When Love and Thunder was first announced, I thought that Jane was going to be the main protagonist. From this trailer, it's clear that that is not the case. I am very glad that Thor is the main character and not Jane, but I'm very excited to see Jane in this film. She's not my favorite character in the MCU. In fact, she's one of my least favorites. But I think Taika Waititi can redeem her.

My main complaint of this trailer is that it's so short. We've been waiting for this trailer for forever. The movie comes out in two and a half months. And they barely gave us a look. This trailer is so short. It's so quick. There's barely any idea of a story. It sets the tone. It gives you an idea of where our characters are at. But we saw one shot of Jane. Gorr the God-Butcher was nowhere to be found. This trailer should've been released in January. We should be getting the second trailer for Love and Thunder right now. We are eighty-one days away from the release, and we barely have a look at the trailer. That's frustrating.

I am still very excited for this movie. The trailer did look good. It was definitely too short. I wish we'd have seen Gorr the God-Butcher. But, otherwise, this is what I wanted from the trailer.

Thor: Love and Thunder hits theaters on July 8.


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