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Top 15 Worst Performances of 2022

The road has begun!

Movie rankings have begun! I'm starting off with performances. There were actually a lot of great performances this year, and not a lot of bad ones, so this list is interesting. Most of these actors are well established, good actors, so it was kind of surprising to see them make this list. Be sure to check out my best performances of 2022 ranking as well and keep an eye out for more rankings coming very soon.


Turning Red

Terrifier 2

Jurassic World Dominion



Death on the Nile

The Adam Project



The Fabelmans


Jack Champion as Spider (Avatar: The Way of Water)

Sophie Okonedo as Salome Otterbourne (Death on the Nile)

Taika Waititi as Mo Morrison (Lightyear)

Mamoudou Athie as Ramsay Cole (Jurassic World Dominion)

Russell Brand as Linus Windlesham (Death on the Nile)

Russell Crowe as Zeus (Thor: Love and Thunder)

Rosalie Chang as Meilin Lee (Turning Red)

Chris Pratt as Owen Grady (Jurassic World Dominion)

Jennifer Saunders as Marie Van Schuyler (Death on the Nile)

Sam Neill as Alan Grant (Jurassic World Dominion)

15. Octavia Spencer as Kimberly (Spirted)

I think Octavia Spencer is a great actress, but I really didn't like her in Spirited. She has ZERO chemistry with Will Ferrell and she cannot sing for her life. She plays a dull, unlikable love interest for Ferrell, and that isn't really a performance for her. She's an established leading lady, so to throw her in this awful role just feels awful, and she comes off as very stale. Because of all of that, I was not a fan of her performance in this movie.

14. Sonia Ben Ammar as Liv McKenzie (Scream)

The new cast of Scream was, for the most part, great. The reason I said for the most part was because of Sonia Ben Ammar, who gives an overly dramatic and soppy performance. All of the characters in a Scream movie have to be extremely sus, and Ben Ammar removes all subtlety from her character and just gives a loud, stupid performance that will pull you straight out of the movie.

13. Laura Dern as Ellie Sattler (Jurassic World Dominion)

I've never been a huge Laura Dern fan. She's fine in Jurassic Park, but she's an actress I've never been crazy about. She's not exactly awful in Dominion. A lot of it is the writing. But she doesn't do anything to improve this movie. Her line delivery feels processed. Her facial expressions aren't really there. It just felt like an extremely bland and lame performance in an extremely bland and lame movie.

12. Juancho Hernangómez as Bo Cruz (Hustle)

I don't understand the love that Hustle got. I thought that Bo Cruz was a bad version of Rocky, and part of that was basketball player Juancho Hernangómez truly trying to act. He fails. Miserably. I'd say he was slightly better than LeBron James in Space Jam: A New Legacy, but that's not saying much. He just clearly isn't an actor, and I found it very strange that they cast him as one of the main characters in this movie.

11. Jessie T. Usher as Trevor (Smile)

This guy wasn't in much of Smile, but he single-handedly wrecked every scene he was in. Jessie T. Usher plays Sosie Bacon's fiancée in this movie, and he just can't match her screen all. Her great, trauma-filled performance would be followed by a meek, flat line delivery that was devoid of emotion. It's almost like they had the character doing more in the movie, but Usher's performance was so bad that they just cut out most of his stuff. That would've been funny.

10. Queen Latifah as Teresa Sugerman (Hustle)

As I said before, I think Hustle is terrible. I give Juancho Hernangómez a little bit of slack because he's not an actor. Queen Latifah is. And she's awful. She acts like she's in a cartoon. She plays an incredibly stereotypical mother/wife figure, and she just doesn't do a good job. She acts like she's Wilma Flinstone. And this is Hustle. It's meant to be taken seriously, and she just feels so cartoonish and out of place.

9. Catherine Keener as Maya Sorian (The Adam Project)

I like Catherine Keener, but sometimes she picks really awful roles. I think The Adam Project is a good movie, but I think the villain is terrible. And Catherine Keener plays the villain. She gives a strangely monotonous performance. I don't know why she chose to act like she doesn't have a soul, but that's what she does, and it's bad. Every line is given with the same tone. Her face has that blank expression in the picture throughout the entire movie. It was a really bad and really disappointing outing from her.

8. Letitia Wright as Rosaline Otterbourne (Death on the Nile)

I said this in my other ranking as well, but Letitia Wright is the first actress to make both my best performances and worst performances list. And, unfortunately, I have to talk about the bad one here. In Death on the Nile, Wright plays Rosalie Otterbourne, and she can't decide if her character is American or not. Some of the time, she has an American accent. Some of the time, she might have an American accent. And, some more of the time, she's got a different accent. It's a very strange and very distracting performance that I did not like.

7. Ben Foster as Vince Merrick (Hustle)

The third bad performance from Hustle is Ben Foster as the main villain. You wanna talk about overacting? This guy thinks he's the Emperor. Everything he says has this epic, grandiose weight to it that doesn't fit. There's a point in this movie where he literally starts huffing and puffing like he's the Big Bad Wolf. I didn't like this character at all, but a lot of that was due to Foster's awful performance.

6. Michelle Williams as Mitzi Schildkraut-Fabelman (The Fabelmans)

Michelle Williams is in the running for Best Actress for this performance. And I have no idea how. Her performance is a mix of weepy, annoying, and outright crazy. She plays Mitzi as an extremely emotional character, but it's too much. When her mother dies, she wails in one of the most awful scenes of the year. And then, throughout the rest of the movie, she's playing this character as though she's actually mentally ill. I am very much against her being nominated for an Academy Award. She was easily the worst part of The Fabelmans.

5. Orion Lee as Jin Lee (Turning Red)

Turning Red was one of the strangest movies of the year, because it isn't that bad, but the voice acting is atrocious. One of those is Orion Lee as Mei's father. Jin Lee is meant to be a quiet, mild-mannered guy, but Lee plays him like he's Patrick Star. He doesn't fit at all. He's a complete airhead. And Orion Lee just gives this incredibly strange, distracting vocal performance that I really hated.

4. Maitreyi Ramakrishnan as Priya (Turning Red)

The draw of Priya's character is that she's a deadpan character who has this odd look on her face throughout and doesn't talk much. When she does talk, though, Ramakrishnan chose to use an awful deep voice that isn't funny at all. Like Jin Lee, Priya just becomes distracting because of how awful the voice is. It just pulls you straight out of Turning Red.

3. Campbell Scott as Lewis Dodgson (Jurassic World Dominion)

Dodgson was a terrible character backed by a terrible performance. Campbell Scott does not know how to coordinate his face and voice to communicate emotion or intrigue. He gives the most dull, bland, boring performance of the year. If you watch him in this movie, you will fall asleep. He's literally so forgettable and so bland, and that should not be the case for the big bad of the Jurassic Park franchise.

2. Hyein Park as Abby (Turning Red)

The final awful vocal performance in Turning Red is Hyein Park as Abby. I never thought I'd say a vocal performance in a movie was too cartoony, but Park is too cartoony. She overdoes every line that she delivers. It's like she wanted to be Agnes from Despicable Me but turned the dial to one hundred and just pushed everything to the max. And it's horrible. She's so annoying. I couldn't stand this character, and it's completely because of Park's performance.

1. Sarah Voigt as Barbara Shaw (Terrifier 2)

Terrifier 2 is a fun movie, but it isn't very good. The constant reminder that it isn't very good is Barbara Voigt's hilariously bad performance that shows no skill and no sense of how to act. She's really on a different level than anyone else in this list. She just doesn't know how to do it. She goes from comically yelling to trying to convey emotions, and none of it works. She doesn't really seem like she's an actress. Not good at all. In fact, the worst performance of the year.


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