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Top Five Best Characters from Fantasia

Bum ba dum ba dum...

The Disney rewatch is back! I said this in my ranking of the segments, so I'll say it here too: Fantasia is a different kind of Disney movie, meaning we need two different kinds of rankings. There are a lot of characters in Fantasia, but most aren't really given anything to do. Some of them are, though, so I decided to do my top five favorite characters from this film. Enjoy!

5. The Broomsticks

The broomsticks are great. In The Sorcerer's Apprentice, they come to life through Mickey's magic as he gets really lazy and makes them do their chores for him. While they do this work for him, he falls asleep and they accidentally flood the lair. They're just fun little side pieces of this segment. The broomsticks themselves are one of Fantasia's most recognizable images, so they had to be on here.

4. Bacchus

Bacchus is our main character from The Pastoral Symphony, and he's really the only part of that segment that sticks out. He's just happy all the time and wants to party. That's a fun character. He's not incredibly memorable, but he makes The Pastoral Symphony watchable and not entirely a snoozefest. So, for that, he gets a spot on this list.

3. Yen Sid

Yen Sid is the sorcerer in The Sorcerer's Apprentice. I've always loved his name, and it took me about six years to figure out that Yen Sid is Disney spelled backwards. He's not in that much of the segment, but the part that he is in is fun. He gives off this wise, powerful energy. He's somewhat intimidating. And he kicks Mickey in the butt. He makes a memorable impact with barely any screentime, and that's always impressive.

2. Chernabog

Fantasia's "villain" is actually one of Disney's scariest characters. He's a demon devil thing that sits atop Bald Mountain and summons all of these spirits at night. I absolutely love the look of this character. I think he just looks badass, but beyond that, he feels like he fits really well into the Night on Bald Mountain segment. He's humongous. He's creepy. And he's awesome.

1. Mickey Mouse

Who else, guys? This (along with Steamboat Willie) is Mickey's most iconic role. It's his only feature-film appearance. And it's the role that really launched him into the mainstream audience as the icon of Disney. He's so much fun in this segment. I love the fact that he's lazy and wants the broomsticks to do his chores for him, so he just uses magic to make it happen, despite him not being good at magic. That would be a fun character in general, but when you make that character Mickey Mouse, it's just so much better. Mickey is one of my favorite fictional characters ever. Of course he'd be number one on this list.


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