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Top Ten Toy Story Characters, Ranked

You've got a friend in me...

We all love the Toy Story franchise. It is a near perfect franchise. All the installments, even Toy Story 4, have lived up to the hype. We've gotten emotion, we've gotten comedy, and we have gotten some of the best characters in movie history. So, today, I am going to rank the top ten characters in the toy chest.

10. Andy Davis

While he isn't much of a character, Andy is really the driving force of the first three movies. He is the reason behind everything that Woody does, and so that makes him incredibly important. Andy isn't a special character, but he does cause one of the most emotional scenes in the entire Pixar filmography at the end of Toy Story 3.

9. Ducky and Bunny

Ducky and Bunny also don't have much depth to them, but they are the funniest characters in the franchise. It's a shame that they were only in Toy Story 4, but they are hysterical. Voiced by the iconic Key & Peele, this duo has one of the funniest scenes in animated movies. They repeat the same plan three or four times, causing the audience to fall over laughing.

8. Mr. Potato Head

Mr. Potato Head initially starts off as somewhat of a villain. He is annoying, rude, and mean in the first Toy Story movie. But in the later movies, he is a funny, likable, and sarcastic spud. Don Rickles' New York accent fits perfectly with this toy, making him my number eight on this list.

7. Slinky Dog

Slinky seems like an underrated character to me. He was much more prominent in Toy Story and Toy Story 2, but they cut back his character quite a bit in 3 and 4. He is a very loyal toy to both Andy and Woody and always seems to be the voice of reason amongst the toys. He isn't the funniest or the best, but he is an important toy to the audience and to Andy.

6. Bo Peep

Let me just make this clear: without Toy Story 4, Bo Peep does not appear on this list. She does absolutely nothing besides being Woody's love interest in the first two movies, and she doesn't have much of an actual arc. But in 4, the writers found a way to give her a compelling arc and a pretty strong character that we hadn't seen in the first two. She was a good reason for Woody to stay behind and become a lost toy, and I really liked that.

5. Rex

Out of all the toys, Rex is the one that I love the most. He is very funny and Wallace Shawn's nervous and high voice add to the anxiety of the character. I think that he is easily the most likable. Yes, Woody and Buzz are the main characters, but they have their moments where you dislike them greatly. Rex never has that. He is a good friend and a funny character. That's why he secures #5.

4. Jessie

Jessie is a fun character. She has a varying personality. There are times when she is happy go-lucky and is dancing around, yodeling. There are also times where she is sad or commanding, which we get more of in Toy Story 3. Her backstory is devastating, and you really do care about her every time she's on screen.

3. Lotso

Evil and demented, Lotso is easily the best villain in the franchise and one of the best Pixar villains in general. He is utterly ruthless, and the fact that he is a pink teddy bear that smells like strawberries adds to the deception and betrayal that you feel when he reveals his true colors. He is a dark and tragic character that nearly kills all of Andy's toys. His backstory makes him a more sentimental villain than before, but he is a hard character to like.

2. Buzz Lightyear

Honestly, I think that Buzz has a better character arc than Woody. He starts off as a toy who doesn't know that he is a toy, which in and of itself, is very interesting. He never abandons Woody and always stays loyal and true to his friends. He is the bravest of the group, even though he isn't always the smartest. There are tons of different kinds of Buzzes that we get. The first is the O.G. one in Toy Story, which I mentioned before. Then, in Toy Story 2, we see Woody's best friend. In Toy Story 3, we see a leader side, an evil counterpart, and even Spanish Buzz (hilarious, by the way). Toy Story 4 finalizes him as the true leader of the group, even though we don't really get to see it. He is a fantastic character, deserving of the #2 spot.

1. Woody

If you expected anyone else, that's upsetting. Woody isn't only the best character in the Toy Story franchise, he's one of the best characters in movie history. Pixar's icon, Woody has the best relationship with someone who doesn't even know he's alive. His chemistry with all of the toys (specifically Buzz) is unmatched by any other character ever. He is the quintessential leader. He isn't perfect, not even close, but he's always there for anybody who needs him. Toy Story 4 shouldn't be called Toy Story 4. It should be called Woody. To everyone's surprise, 4 was a hit, mainly because we got to spend the last hour and a half that we will ever get to with our favorite deputy. 1-3 finishes off the toys relationship with Andy, but doesn't complete Woody's character arc. That's what 4 did. It capped off the story of Woody perfectly, solidifying him as one of the defining characters in Disney, animated, and movie history.


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