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All 3 New Halloween Timeline Movies, Ranked

With the release of Halloween Kills, we officially have three movies in what is being referred to as the "Final Timeline" of the Halloween franchise. To be very clear, I think all three of these movies are great. They all have different things about them that work, and all of them are very scary in their own right. Michael Myers is my favorite horror movie villain, and these three movies perfectly explain why.

3. Halloween (2018)

Halloween serves as a great revival to a franchise that had been dead for forty years. After the critical and commercial failure that was Rob Zombie's Halloween II, producer Malek Akkad spent years trying to re-ignite the Halloween franchise. Blumhouse eventually decided to produce the next Michael Myers film. The producers decided to make this movie a direct sequel to the original Halloween, which was a very smart move. References to John Carpenter's Halloween and a fun, new, vicious Michael Myers make this movie a really fun addition to the series.

2. Halloween (1978)

The original Halloween is one of the landmarks in the horror genre. It was basically the first slasher film ever. Halloween executes its simple concept to absolute perfection. Throughout the film, there is a building mystery as Laurie Strode is stalked by a creepy man in a white mask. This uncomfortable suspense pays off in the final act as Michael Myers begins his reign of terror, murdering Laurie's friends and attacking her in one of the best horror movie chase scenes. Halloween laid the groundwork for years of horror films to come, and still remains one of the best horror movies ever made.

1. Halloween Kills

This is not going to be a popular opinion at all, but Halloween Kills is my favorite Halloween movie. I loved this film. I thought it dissected the character of Michael Myers perfectly. It showed the effect that he has on the town of Haddonfield as well as the rest of the characters from the first two Halloween movies. Michael is also at his most aggressive and merciless, murdering people without second thought in the most violent way possible. I loved that cliffhanger ending. For most of the film, it seemed like Halloween Kills didn't have the balls to kill off a major character. But that final scene was absolutely shocking.


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