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All 3 Seasons of The Bear, Ranked

Let it rip.

Season three of The Bear came out last week, and I planned to have a review and a character ranking up, but with Fourth of July, things just got a bit too complicated, so I figured I'd shorten my thoughts up to a ranking. For reference, I love this show. I think all three seasons are good. I think it is probably the best currently running series and cannot wait to see what it brings in the future. That said, here is my ranking of all three seasons of The Bear.

3. Season 3

Season three was easily the weakest season of this show yet. While season two balanced one-off episodes and season-long arcs perfectly, season three produces great one-off episodes while failing to truly have any arc for the season as a whole. There are great singular stories in here, but the season as a whole was disappointing. We did not see the characters interact as much as I would've liked and the story barely moves forward despite having ten episodes. They tried to make season three more artsy with more flashbacks and fancy editing, but it just doesn't work as well as it should. It's still good. But this show is supposed to be great. Not good.

2. Season 1

There is, in my mind, an enormous gap in quality between seasons three and one. Season one and season two are nearly tied in my mind, but I think season one is slightly lower. Still, a great season of television. The Bear makes a mark immediately with this high-anxiety atmosphere in the messy kitchen of The Original Beef as we embark on Carmy's journey to overcome the loss of his brother by taking over his restaurant. This season is able to establish the show as incredibly unique with the editing and storytelling while also touching on raw human emotions like grief and depression. It is a beautiful, tense, powerful story that is truly one of the best seasons of TV I have ever seen.

1. Season 2

Season two of The Bear beats the odds and somehow tops the first with truly one of the most remarkable seasons ever seen on TV. This season is able to focus in on the characters and make them even more compelling while also changing up the story entirely as Carmy changes The Original Beef into The Bear. The highlight of this season is the two-episode punch of Fishes and Forks. Fishes is just a jaw-dropping achievement in TV. If you haven't seen it, I won't spoil, but it is one of the finest hours of a show ever. Forks manages to take Richie and, in thirty minutes, transform him into the show's best character. I think this season is basically perfect. I don't love the finale as much as I feel like I should, but besides that? This season is a masterpiece.


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