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All 8 Songs in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Ranked

The second ranking I'm doing for Snow White in honor of the Disney rewatch is the songs. Disney is known for their songs. Every single Disney movie has that one song that just gets stuck in your head. However, Snow White doesn't have great music. I said that in my review. I don't really love the Snow White songs. So this was an interesting ranking. Most of these songs...I dislike. There are some good ones, however, so find out down below.

8. With a Smile and a Song

This was one of three songs that I actually forgot were in this movie when I rewatched it. This song takes place after Snow White runs away from the castle and meets up with all of the animals in the woods. She sings along with them about how a smile and a song makes everything better. It's forgettable. The tune is shrill and annoying. The way that the incorporate the animals into it is annoying. And the actual number is just Snow White sitting in front of a bunch of animals while singing. I don't like this song. At all.

7. One Song

This song is sung by the Prince immediately after he meets Snow White. It makes no sense. He meets her. She runs away. And then he starts singing about how much he loves her, even though they just met and have never interacted. This was another song that I forgot was in this movie. It's quick and lame. And, once again, the actual number is just the Prince on the steps of the castle singing to Snow White. Not good.

6. Bluddle-Uddle-Um-Dum

This is the final song that I forgot was in Snow White. To be fair, it's not entirely a song. It's more the dwarves making noises in a rhythm. There aren't really words, but I'm counting it. This scene is fun for the comedy, because there's a good amount of slapstick with all of the dwarves washing up, but the actual song itself is very forgettable and relatively lame.

5. I'm Wishing

The opening number of Snow White is...fine. I don't love it, because I think Adriana Caselotti's voice is way too high and her singing has not aged well. This song is iconic for the whole idea of the wishing well and the fact that it's the first ever Disney princess song. The visual of Snow White looking down the well and the water vibrating and echoing her words is obviously one of the film's most recognizable images, so it gets a plus for that. I don't love the song, but I give it props for what it is.

4. Whistle While You Work

This is another iconic Snow White song. This song is really, really catchy. Once again, I don't love Adriana Caselotti's vocals, so I don't love this song, but it is kind of fun to watch. The way they incorporate the animals into this song while they clean the dwarves cottage is clever. It almost feels like a song that would appear in a Mickey Mouse short, and I mean that entirely as a good thing. It's a good number. Not great, but good.

3. The Silly Song

This is another one that doesn't have a lot of words in it, but this is the song that really got me hooked on these characters. I always love it when movies pause and give you a scene to just fall in love with the characters. And that's what this song is. We just watch the dwarves and Snow White sing, dance, and have fun. It makes Snow White's eventual fate much sadder. Once again, the song isn't as memorable as the scene, but the scene is great.

2. Someday My Prince Will Come

Someday My Prince Will Come is one of two songs from this movie that I wouldn't skip if they came on the radio. This is the only time when I don't mind Adriana Caselotti. This feels like Snow White's classic song. It's the film's most iconic song. I believe this is the one that was nominated for an Oscar. This was the prototype for what I call the "wishing song". Snow White tells the dwarves her dreams in this beautiful story about the Prince. Even though I don't buy into her relationship with the Prince, I really, really like this song.

1. Heigh-Ho

This is the only song from Snow White that I love. It's super catchy. It's a great introduction to the dwarves. It's so much fun to listen to. The beat and lyrics just mesh so well together, and the visuals of the dwarves walking across the bridge is obviously iconic. Heigh-Ho will get stuck in your head after you watch this movie. It's impossible for it not to. The lyrics and the whistle will be on your mind for hours after this film is over. It's great.


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