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All Three Seasons of Ted Lasso, Ranked

Barbecue sauce.

I'm a bit behind on my Ted Lasso content, considering that the finale debuted a week ago, but I figured it's never too late to talk about everyone's favorite mustached soccer coach. This show has been a great ride. It was the perk-up that everyone needed in 2020 and has stayed in everyone's heart since. That said, here's my ranking of all three seasons of Ted Lasso.

3. Season 3

The third season of this show was not good. It leaned much more into the comedic side of things to the point where it was almost too much. It eliminated the character dynamics that we all loved. Ted himself was sidelined in his final season as coach of AFC Richmond. It was a disappointing note to end on, but it doesn't extract from the show as a whole. It still has its moments. It still reminds you that this show can be so heartfelt. But it isn't really all that good.

2. Season 2

Season two was an immense tonal shift from season one. Unlike the third season, this season leans heavier into the dramatic elements of Ted Lasso. It's still funny, but it tackles more serious topics and shows us how these characters are responding to the situations that they are in. It's a darker season, for sure, and that's a jarring shift which I didn't initially love, but it's grown on me. This season is great. It's barely great, but it still feels like it has the incredible elements of season one. But I really hate that Coach Beard episode. What were they thinking?

1. Season 1

The first season of Ted Lasso is special. In the middle of COVID, this happy, warm show came out about an American football coach learning how to coach a professional soccer team...and it was just perfect. It's incredibly funny while also being so heartfelt and having one of the greatest TV characters of all time at the center. At the end of the day, Ted Lasso is built on Ted himself, and this is the season where everyone was introduced to him. Every episode tops the next. Every character relationship and dynamic is so compelling and heart-warming. This is one of the best pilot seasons ever. It is fantastic. And it made me fall in love with this show.


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