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My Plan for The Batman

Hey everyone.

I just got into an early screening for The Batman on Monday, February 28. That's super exciting, and I want to thank you readers for reading and making all of this stuff possible.

So here's my plan for the film: I'm going to review Batman Returns, Batman Forever, and Batman & Robin over the next few days. My review for The Batman will be up Tuesday morning. And I'm going to bombard you guys with rankings over the next week.

Here's the layout:

SATURDAY - Batman Returns Review

SUNDAY - Batman Forever Review

MONDAY - Batman & Robin Review

TUESDAY - The Batman Review

WEDNESDAY - Batman Movies Ranked

THURSDAY - Batman Villains Ranked

FRIDAY - Batmen Ranked

SATURDAY - Gothams Ranked

SUNDAY - Batman Final Battles Ranked

MONDAY - The Batman Spoiler Review

TUESDAY - 10 Things I Want for the Bat-Verse

Hopefully, this is the biggest week on the blog. If so, I'll keep it going. However, if this week doesn't really shift the numbers, I'm going to have to hit pause on the blog. You'll probably get one post a week because I do want to keep it going, but I don't think I'm really going to be out content constantly. I'm not going away. Just focusing on other things.

Thanks a lot and I am super excited for Bat-week!


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