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Quick Announcement Regarding the Future

Hey guys. So 2022 is a new year. Which means things will be changing up on the blog. It's been a good year, but I'm still having a lot of trouble getting it off the ground. And as I've been doing other things, I realized that the blog is not something I necessarily want to keep going for forever.

Now, this does not mean at all that the blog will be disappearing. I will still be posting. There will still be at least one post a week. This just means I'll be trying other things. I actually just started writing a screenplay today. I might try shooting a few videos and maybe starting up a YouTube channel. I'm still figuring things out, and I want to try other things, but I can't do that if most of my time is devoted to the blog.

I am still going to cover new releases. I'll still be here with the rankings and reviews and other stuff. I'm not going away. There will just be less content. I hope you guys understand. Thank you so much for reading and supporting the blog. It really means a lot.


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