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All 6 Friends, Ranked

So no one told you life was gonna be this way... (clap clap clap clap)

I am currently watching Friends. I'm finishing up season nine right now and making my way to the final season. I'm going to be really sad when it's over, so, to maintain my love of this show, I decided to rank the six main characters. This show is truly amazing and populated with lively, fun, and funny characters. It's one of the best sitcoms of all time, and I think that the main characters are what make it great. With that said, here's my ranking of all six main characters from Friends.

6. Monica Geller

I find Monica to be a fun enough character, but more often than not, I also find myself begin annoyed by her. She is very stern and somewhat self-centered, and I don't find her to be as likable or charming as the other five. Courteney Cox is definitely not on the level of anyone else in this show. The other five friends all have something that makes them pop. It makes them standout. And, while I love Monica's relationship with Chandler, she just isn't as great as the other five. She's still a good character, but definitely the weakest of the main six.

5. Rachel Green

This is where the ranking gets tough. I don't love Monica, but I love the other five characters. Rachel is fantastic. She's charming and fun. I find her to be the emotional core of the show, because her relationship with Ross is the central dynamic in Friends. Jennifer Aniston was made to play this role, and I think she really works. She definitely isn't the funniest, but she's great, and it pains me that I have to put her this low on the list.

4. Joey Tribbiani

Joey's absolutely hilarious. Matt LeBlanc is great at being an attractive numbskull, and that's exactly what Joey is. He's just so stupid, and it's so funny. He's written very well. He has the most charisma out of anyone on this show. And the comedy hits hard with him. His facial expressions are priceless and his child-like personality is hysterical. He's still one of the best TV characters ever, and it pains me that I can't put him higher, but there are three other fantastic characters I've got to talk about.

3. Phoebe Buffay

The weird one of the friends, Phoebe Buffay is great. Lisa Kudrow is so good at being strange, and Phoebe's strange moments evoke some of the biggest laughs of the show. She's one of the most memorable characters with her outlandish personality and odd songs. She's charming in a different way than Chandler and Joey. She is probably the most different of the bunch, and I think that works to her advantage. Sometimes, she can be a little bit too weird, and that's the only reason that she's not in the top two.

2. Ross Geller

Ross is just amazing. He's hysterical. David Schwimmer's impeccable timing paired with his dumb faces and hilarious one-liners make him so funny. He's almost like a combination of Chandler and Joey, balancing the perfect amount of sarcasm, charm, idiocy, and funny physical motions. He also is the emotional core of the show because of his relationship with Rachel, and that elevates him above everyone else. He's only beat out by one.

1. Chandler Bing

Chandler Bing is tied for the second funniest TV show character of all time (alongside Dwight Schrute). Matthew Perry nails this character. The sarcastic humor works perfectly in Friends, making him easily the funniest character. He also has a bit of a character arc and a heartfelt relationship with Monica that also makes the emotional core of the show. He's the funniest and probably the most likable character on the list, while also contributing to the emotional side of Friends. That's everything I want, and that is why Chandler is my favorite friend.


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